Case studies

Through working with a number of local authorities, CCG’s, national charities, social care organisations and government organisations, DMS Consulting has over 20 years’ experience of working within the social care sector and has developed a wealth of experience about services, legislation, good practice and research relevant to services working with children and vulnerable adults.  In everything that we do, we demonstrate a genuine commitment to supporting the positive outcomes for children, families, vulnerable adults and communities.
  1. Case study 1 – Department for Education

    Department for Education Extended schools for three and four year olds projects provided support to selected schools nationally to research barriers and identify solutions for infant and primary schools to offer additional hours provision for pre-school children.  Working with 10 schools in Lincoln and Liverpool strategies were created to support schools to successfully extend the hours of provision beyond the traditional school hours offered to pre school children.  The project succeeded in creating better opportunities for school to generate additional income and supporting parents to meet the childcare challenge for children who would have been excluded from taking up 30 hours provision in a school setting.

  2. Case study 2 – National Association for Family Information Service

    National Association of Family Information Service is a national membership organisation meeting the needs of local Family Information Services, it provides a national framework, quality standards and best practice. Support provided includes ongoing support with their Families First Quality Assurance scheme and a series of network events in eight regions of the country to disseminate good practice and update knowledge relating to welfare reform, universal credits, tax free childcare, special educational needs and disabilities code of conduct and local offer.

  3. Case study 3 – Knowsley Early Years
    Knowsley Early Years team support early years providers and children’s centres to develop and maintain quality childcare and services across the borough.  We have worked together since 2006 and have supported them with a diverse range of training needs for their early years workforce including; staff management, supervision and appraisal, quality assurance, policies and procedures, Early years foundation stage, safeguarding, safer recruitment, marketing and financial planning for early years settings.  In addition to training the early years workforce, consultancy projects have included a full review KMBC’s strategies and plans in relation to childcare provided for Knowsley’s Children’s Centres with a lengthy report detailing recommendations for future sustainability and consultancy to primary schools to develop two year old provision. Feedback from the borough was fantastic and during an inspection the TFC advisor remarked that the plans were amongst the best he had seen.

  4. Case study 4 – Allseas Global

    Allseas Global offer international logistical expertise and offer an attractive incentive scheme to their workforce.  Allseas required support to review and restructure their of job descriptions and Key Performance Indicators relating to financial bonus scheme.  We carried out an independent review across all job roles with consultation involving all staff teams from six offices to strengthen the current processes and provide detailed recommendations about how to maximise the benefits of the incentives available to staff.

  5. Case study 5 – University Hospitals Leicester

    University Hospitals Leicester are situated over three sites; Leicester Royal Infirmary, Glenfield Hospital and Leicester General.  They offered childcare for employees and local families at each of the three sites and required an independent review of the sufficiency and sustainability of the three early years settings.  The in depth review was carried out over a three month period and included research into each setting and external research into good practices of NHS hospitals nationally to inform a suitable model for UHL.  Additional workshops carried out on behalf of Daycare Trust supported the dissemination of good practice identified through the research to other NHS hospitals through a series of workshops offered nationally.

  6. Case study 6 – CanParent

    CanParent is a quality standard that has been developed for the parenting sector, by the parenting sector and is designed to support parenting programmes to develop and maintain quality standards.  We worked intensively with three separate CanParent providers to research models of good practice and support with the long term sustainability of parenting classes in Liverpool, Derby and Leicester.

  7. Case study 7 – Mott MacDonalds

    Mott MacDonalds were appointed by The Department for Education to manage a large scale project of support packages provided to local authority teams nationally, to develop the two year old early years entitlement offer to eligible children.  Working closely with over 25 local authorities to offer a range of strategies and training to support with development of funded 2 year old places, including; communication and marketing strategies, workforce development reviews and reports, quality development of childcare settings, school engagement, sufficiency and eligibility analysis, data management systems and a range of training to support providers including on line training for business planning and sustainability which can be accessed for free at


“The programmes run by Donna have been extremely well received by delegates, with rating and comments supporting this”.
Mel Dodd, A4e