Customer care

Who should attend?

The workshop is appropriate for managers, deputy managers and practitioners of any childcare setting.


Half and full day workshops available Monday to Saturday including evenings


Practitioners attending this workshop will be better informed about how to meet the needs of their customers including, parents, children and external organisations.  They will develop skills to be able to identify the needs of different customers and know how to meet these needs.  The workshop will focus on customer care and explore useful strategies to meet customer needs whilst ensuring the needs of the business are met.  The implications for marketing strategies will be highlighted to ensure that marketing reflects parents needs and wants of a childcare service.  Delegates will be clear about the different elements of customer care and the benefits to the the children, the team and the service.

Key Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Identification of the three essential customers of a childcare setting; paying customers, internal customers and external customers
  • An awareness of the difference between the three different customers
  • An understanding of how to determine the needs of different customers and how to meet these needs effectively
  • Appreciate the business benefits of ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Be able to deal with complaints effectively
  • Be confident in applying a range of techniques to measure customer satisfaction and deliver excellent customer care
  • Ability to develop and implement an appropriate customer care strategy for each different customer base

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