Debt management

Who should attend?

The workshop is appropriate for managers and deputy managers of any childcare setting, including childminders.


Half day – 4 hours


Delegates attending this workshop will have a better understanding about how to management fees effectively and how to avoid fee debts rising.  Delegates will be clear about the impact that rising debts can have on the sustainability and quality of a childcare setting.  Delegates will be better prepared to support parents with fees by providing clear information about how they can access help with childcare costs.

The outcome of this workshop will be confidence and reassurance for childcare providers that they can avoid debts escalating and that they will have more control over the fee payment systems.   Delegates will be able to create a clear policy and procedure that supports parents to understand the payment structures and the processes in place to manage debt effectively.

Delegates will:

  • Appreciate the impact of occupancy on every aspect of the business and be able to calculate the impact on finances.
  • Understand the impact of debt on individuals and be able to recognise the avoidance techniques that parents use to continue to use the service without paying
  • Be able to support parents to pay their fees on time using a range of simple techniques and be able to evaluate current practice to determine how to develop current systems in place
  • Be able to implement a clear fee policy and procedure that is fair and consistent with every family to support them with managing their fees
  • Understand the range of support available to parents in different circumstances to enable them to pay childcare fees and be clear about the benefits of providing this information for parents
  • Appreciate the importance of using an assertive approach when dealing with fees to ensure that parents are receiving clear and consistent information about the fee payment procedure
  • Be able to calculate a break even fee to ensure the sustainability of the setting

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