Implementing Early Years Foundation stage

Who should attend?

The workshop is appropriate for managers and deputy managers of any childcare setting.   Childminders would also benefit from the workshop but it is not suitable for a mixture both groups in the same workshop because the material and delivery would be adjusted accordingly. This workshop can be delivered to practitioners from a range of settings or for teams of practitioners working in the same setting as a team building exercise.


Full day – 6 hours


This workshop will focus on the welfare requirements of EYFS, it will be relevant to all policies and procedures being implemented within each individual setting and will support delegates to develop new or adapt current policies in line with requirements.The following legislation and National Frameworks will be highlighted during the workshop:

  • Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (DCSF 2007) – All areas of welfare requirements
  • Common Core of Skills and Knowledge (CWDC) – All 6 areas of expertise
  • Help Children Achieve More formally Every Child Matters (DfES, 2003) – All  5 outcomes
  • Early Years Professional Status

Delegates will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the welfare requirements set out within EYFS and the implications for a childcare service
  • Appreciate the full range of policy and procedure requirements and the benefits to parents, children, staff and the business
  • Be able to carry out risk assessments and implement action plans to address any weaknesses in current practice
  • Understand the importance of planning and observations for informing practice and benefiting children
  • Be equipped with a range of techniques for effective and efficient planning, observations and recording children’s development in line with EYFS
  • Be able to create an individual action plan for immediate implementation

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