Managing the team for room supervisors

Who should attend?

The workshop is appropriate for room supervisors or team supervisors of any childcare setting. This workshop can be delivered to room supervisors from a range of settings or for teams of practitioners working in the same setting or group of settings as a team building exercise.


2 x half days – two 4 hour sessions with practical activity to be carried out in between.


This workshop is split over two days to support delegates to put their learning into practice.  The first workshop will provide information about how teams perform and tools to be able to measure the performance of their own team.  Delegates will be set a task to implement these tools in practice and bring their findings to the second workshop.  The second part of the workshops will then focus on delegate findings to identify the most appropriate techniques for motivating their own team.

Practitioners attending this workshop will be better informed about their responsibilities for the staff that they manage within their room and their management responsibilities. The workshop will focus on motivating the team and how to manage performance using specified criteria.

A range of techniques will be explored to provide practitioners with the necessary tools to manage a small team whilst contributing to the performance of the whole team. Practitioners will feel more confident within their role and understand their position in relation to the management team.

Delegates will:

  • Understand how teams work and what their responsibilities are to each team member
  • Appreciate the benefits of clear communication
  • Understand simple management techniques and be clear about how and when to use each appropriately
  • Be able to identify each team members strengths and weaknesses and be able to delegate tasks accordingly
  • Be confident in supporting and mentoring staff to develop both individual and team skills
  • Be able to motivate the team and each individual within the team

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