Occupancy management

Who should attend?

The workshop is appropriate for up to 20 managers and deputy managers of any childcare setting.


Half day – 4 hours


Delegates attending this workshop will be better informed about how to manage the occupancy of a childcare setting. The importance of forecasting and planning will be highlighted and a range of tools to support these processes will be shared. Delegates will understand the importance of a clear marketing strategy with timely activity planned to maintain occupancy levels. A simple management information system for monitoring occupancy will be demonstrated which will support managers in being able to redeploy staff efficiently according to EYFS requirements for ratios.

Trainer presentation will highlight the issues. Delegates will then be engaged in group activity to discuss two case studies. These will be used throughout the session to gain a practical understanding of how occupancy affects the finances and budgets, staffing requirements, quality and operations. Delegates will be provided with templates to enable them to implement the systems within their practice.

Key Outcomes

  • Appreciate the impact of occupancy on every aspect of the business and be able to analyse an occupancy graph
  • The ability to record and report on occupancy including calculating occupancy as a percentage
  • Be confident to implement a range of occupancy templates into practice and appreciate the benefits to the business
  • The ability to plan ratios adequately ensuring maximum use of resources.
  • Be able to use appropriate templates for monitoring daily occupancy and staffing requirements
  • Understand the importance of timely marketing activity and be able to record information to facilitate analysis for future marketing strategies

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