Staff management

Who should attend?

The workshop is appropriate for managers and deputy managers of any team of childcare practitioners.


Full day – 6 hours or half day – 4 hours


Delegates attending this workshop will be more confident to manage a staff team and have a greater understanding of how to foster a culture of team spirit and motivation.  A range of strategies and techniques based on theory will be highlighted and delegates will practice techniques to understand the implications for their teams.  The importance of regular individual and group meetings to monitor progress and set targets will be discussed and the formal appraisal process will be included within this.

Delegates will:

  • Understand how to manage people effectively
  • Appreciate the benefits of clear communication throughout the team
  • Understand management techniques and how to implement them into a childcare setting
  • Explore a theory based analysis tool to identify each individual team members role within the team and be able to use the information to manage more effectively
  • Feel enabled to prioritise tasks efficiently and understand the benefits of delegation
  • Be confident in supporting and mentoring staff to develop both individual and team skills
  • Have a clear understanding of the appraisal process and disciplinary process and be able to use both to support individual development
  • Be able to use the information gained from the appraisal process to analyse training needs

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