Managing conflict resolution

Who should attend?

This in house workshop is suitable for all staff working with tenants where conflict might arise.


Half day and full day workshops available from Monday to Saturday.


This workshop will increase staff’s understanding of the foundations of conflict and enable them to identify how different individuals may respond in difficult situations.  They will fully understand how their own behaviour can contribution to either reducing or escalating a confrontation situation.  Throughout the session staff will actively practise key skills designed to build confidence in dealing with difficult situation and learn strategies for maintaining composure whilst de-escalating conflict.  Staff will be provided with clear strategies to successfully resolve difficult situations, with a view to ensuring that both the tenant and the organisation are able to work together to achieve the best outcomes for all involved.

Key Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key indicators that are present before and during confrontation and aggressive behaviours
  • Recognise the different stages of conflict escalation and be able to identify situations that could cause conflict
  • Recognise the signs of conflict and aggression and know how to de-escalate at different stages
  • Be clear about the importance of maintaining composure when responding to conflict and aggression
  • Have the knowledge and skills to ensure that verbal and non verbal communication provides a positive and consistent message
  • Demonstrate skills to stay calm and manage angry customer behaviour
  • Know how to get help in emergency situations

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