Mental health first aid

Who should attend?

This in house workshop is designed for any staff who support vulnerable tenants to maintain tenancy agreements.


Half day or full day workshop delivered Monday to Saturday


Poor mental health is one of the key issues relating to sustaining tenancy agreements and homelessness.  This workshop will provide staff with a greater awareness of mental health issues affecting housing providers and enable them to identify early signs and symptoms of common mental health illnesses.    Staff will be skilled in providing non-judgemental support and reassurance to tenants and have a clear understanding of how to guide a person to seek professional support they may need to recover.  Staff will be engaged in a range of scenarios that will build knowledge and confidence about the process of diagnosis for mental health illnesses and will be clear about how to support tenants throughout the process.   Strategies will be provided to support staff to manage their own and others’ positive wellbeing and be clear about how to get help in emergency situations using the organisations internal policies and procedures.

Key Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the context of mental health within the housing sector and the relevant legislation
  • Gain an overview of mental health problems and the impact on sustaining tenancy agreements
  • Be aware of what support and treatments are available for mental health problems 
  • Be able to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health problems 
  • Have a greater understanding of how tenants can appear as challenging and know how to de-escalate a situation 
  • How to respond to and manage challenging situations sensitively using structured conversations
  • Understand the process of diagnosis and how to make support tenants through the process
  • Know how to deal with emergency situations

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