Who should attend?

All housing staff should attend this workshop at the correct level for their individual role within the organisation.  Guidance will be provided about the correct level for your team at the enquiry stage.


Half day and full day workshops available from Monday to Saturday.


Safeguarding children and adults who may be vulnerable and at risk of abuse or neglect is a key legislative requirement for housing providers. This workshop can be delivered at three levels depending on the requirements of the staff team; level 1 – Alerter and internal reporting, level 2 – Reporting to external agencies or level 3 – Designated Lead Person.  Although each level will inevitably intensify the knowledge and skills of staff attending, all workshop will share a common theme of reviewing the organisation’s policy and procedures regarding safeguarding and the reporting processes.  Staff will be knowledgeable about the common signs and symptoms associated with the different categories of abuse and will be able to identify the most common indicators that housing providers report.  Practical exercises will develop staff understanding of their own individual responsibilities and those of others both internally and externally for safeguarding children and adults who may vulnerable and at risk of abuse and neglect.

Key Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate their role in relation to safeguarding children and adults who may be vulnerable to abuse or neglect and be aware of serious case reviews relating to housing providers
  • Be aware of current legislation relevant to safeguarding and relevant local and national organisations and agencies who can support including LSCB’s and LSAB’s
  • Demonstrate good awareness of types and signs of abuse, neglect and exploitation for children and adults who may be vulnerable
  • Be clear about their role in the management of, and recording of information for safeguarding processes
  • Be confident to report any allegations or disclosures following the correct internal and external procedures
  • Identify the responsibilities of staff and other agencies when a safeguarding concern has been raised
  • Identify safe working practices that should be embedded to reflect good practice and support staff to keep themselves safe
  • Be able to cascade information to the wider staff team about the key points raised in the workshop

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