Employment Support Allowance

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for anyone in a front line role handling enquiries or providing support to tenants who are unable to work due to limited capabilities.


Half day or full day workshops are available Monday to Saturday.


The introduction of Employment and Support Allowance has presented a range of issues for many tenants who are unable to work due to limited capabilities and many seek support from housing staff to enable them to complete the application form.  This workshop will equip staff with a comprehensive and practical guide to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and how limited capability for work affects Universal Credit.  Staff will engage in practical exercises to complete the assessment process and be fully briefed on how to overcome common problems that can reduce awards for claimants.  Staff will be able to advise tenants about how to plan for the medical assessment and provide an overview of questions and observations that an assessor may use during the face to face medical assessment.  Staff will be knowledgeable about the process for applying right through to the process for appeals and will be able to confidently guide a tenant through the entire process.

Key Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the benefits of supporting tenants with the application process for Employment and Support Allowance
  • Understand how ESA interacts with Universal Credits and the Housing Element
  • Be clear about the entire application and appeals process and be able to support tenants to complete the application form
  • Understand the assessment criteria and be able to advise tenants about the medical assessment
  • Know how to support tenants who have had payments stopped due to insufficient evidence being provided by the tenant
  • Be able to signpost tenants to other sources of help and support
  • Be aware of assessment outcomes for claimants and work capability catagories

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